Oradea is a sightseer city that, together with Baile Felix, is a sightseer attraction for knockouts of thousands of excursionists. Oradea is the megacity that, from an profitable point of view, endured one of the most important socio- profitable developments in the country and obviously in this part of it. From this point of view, Oradea now competes on an equal footing with Timișoara, the megacity on the Bega considered impalpable from this point of view times agone . Hundreds of accommodation units are being prepared, starting with nearly new and more beautiful guesthouses, along with hospices and other accommodation units. Tourism has meant more recently in Oradea than the Felix thermal cataracts. Other strands around the megacity or indeed in the megacity have appeared and have as their profile treatments and relaxation in geothermal […]