One Person Tent – Advantages and Disadvantages


If you are a nature lover, but your family and friends are not, you probably won’t need a big tent for two or even more. The best solution for those who travel alone and for those who don’t like sharing a sleeping space is exactly one person tent.

One person tent is, as it says for itself, a small tent and it can be used just for one person. Solo camping is a great way to clear your mind and to enter yourself into the world of adventures.

It is supposed that the most common users of a one person tent are hikers and backpackers. That is the truth because your tent gives you freedom to stay out overnight, to enjoy the view you can’t even get in a hotel and as we already brought up hotels, your tent will be the cheapest sleep anywhere in the world. This tent is also perfect for places that are hard to find and hard to get, because in that places it is probably impossible to set up a bigger tent.

One person tents are very popular and one of the reasons for that is their very accessible price. Be no surprised if you see that tent in your neighborhood set up in someone’s yard. These small tents are often being used as a play tents for kids, or introducing and preparing their kids in camping way of life. That brings us to next issue. Before you get one person tent you must think about for what you are going to need it. Because it is a big difference in the type of tent if it’s for weekend camping trips on flat surfaces or for multi day hikes. Your need will define the price of the tent and also its quality.

Camping tents are the most important piece of camping gear on our list of things to bring. If you are an experienced backpacker don’t hesitate to spend more because a good-quality tent will give you many dry nights. On the other side, if you are not sure that camping is your thing you can get a cheaper one. But be aware that this beautiful nature around us can sometimes be very unpredictable, so it is better to buy a good quality tent than to regret it when it’s too late.

But what about when you are a little bit short with your budget? There is a solution even for this. Normally you can buy your tent in any sporting goods store, but for cheaper prices you can look online to see what you can find. That is tricky if you are not very experienced in that area and it will probably be harder to return item if it doesn’t suit you.

There is even better solution for that. Now days, some companies and scout association rent their equipment. This has got a lot of advantages and the best one is that you don’t need to carry your tent all the way, particularly if your destination is a place where you need to travel by bus or a train.

Advantages of one person tent:

– Tents made for single occupancy tend to be very light. Typical weight is 3 lbs.

– Setting up your tent can be done in just a few minutes with minimum of ease

– Hiking load weight less because there is no need to carry sleeping bag

– These tents are very comfortable to sleep in

– There is no need for putting something on the floor

– One person tent is very small and you can put it practically anywhere so that gives you a lot more places for camping

– And at the end a great price is very big advantage.

Disadvantages of one person tent:

– Small size is maybe most important disadvantage

– That brings us to conclusion that there is very little storage space

– If you are camping with a group everybody needs his own tent

Today is very easy to find the tent you need, so many different designs and colors, sizes and the most important quality. You just need to read this text one more time and ask yourself what you really want and need.

There is no lighter tent than one person tent and at the same time it is very easy to set it up. They are very comfortable, its price is very good and they fit really everywhere. So what are you waiting for, go get your tent and enjoy camping.

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