Swim with dolphins at Ocho Rios at Dolphin Cove Jamaica!

Swim With Dolphins Ocho Rios Jamaica - Di Jamaican Experience

Enjoy an unforgettable living experience at Dolphin Cove Jamaica up close and personal with some of the incredible marine life! Play in the water with your new dolphin friend, interact and snorkel with stingrays and have fun exploring the jungle. It is undoubtedly the experience of swimming of a lifetime with dolphins in Jamaica.

Swim with dolphins in Jamaica

The perfect paradise awaits in the beautiful surroundings of Dolphin Cove, Jamaica. A visit to Dolphin Cove Jamaica is more than just swimming with the dolphins in Ocho Rios. It’s an opportunity to relax in beautiful tropical surroundings and enjoy aquatic adventures. Looking for an opportunity to explore the best of Jamaica’s jungles and beaches? You are lucky! This magnificent property features a natural cave surrounded by 5 hectares of lush tropical rainforest. You will have the opportunity to interact with various marine animals, such as dolphins, rays, and harmless sharks, and enjoy some fun Jamaican activities.

Family adventure in the natural beauty of Jamaica

Choose your own Dolphin Cove to experience a swim with dolphins in Jamaica; we have packages for all levels of interaction, from friendly meet and greets to big adventures of extreme dolphin activities! In Jamaica’s stunning Dolphin Cove setting, you can kiss dolphins, caress their smooth skin, laugh at their antics and even enjoy a dolphin-powered ride. Share your family’s Jamaican swimming experience with dolphins to create magical memories.

Your expert dolphin trainer will instruct you to get the most out of your swimming with dolphin tours in Jamaica. They will teach you about the friendly bottlenose dolphin as you swim and play with these fantastic marine mammals. You will also learn fun dolphin facts. Did you know that dolphins only sleep with half their brains? Dolphins are curious and playful, immersing themselves in their world and enjoying wonderful encounters with nature.

swim with dolphins in Jamaica Ocho Rios is a definite bucket list, but Dolphin Cove Ocho Rios offers much more! Admission to Dolphin Cove Jamaica includes Jamaica’s best activities, swimming and snorkeling with stingrays, watching a cute shark show, kayaking on a glass bottom for a spin in the lagoon, or just relaxing on the sparkling white sand beach or captaining your mini boat to sail on. Along the coastline, create your own adventure story.

Travel Options

Dolphin Ocho Rios Encounter

This shallow water swimming adventure with one dolphin is best for those who are not comfortable swimming in the ocean and have age or physical limitations. This Encounter is very popular with families, who get the chance to interact with one of the most beautiful creatures in the world.

Dolphin Ocho Rios Swim Adventure

Interact with one dolphin while swimming in the depths. They might give you a back tug and leg push, maybe even both; enjoy a kiss, try to dance, and maybe you’ll get a splash or two as you enjoy an exhilarating close-up experience.

Dolphin Ocho Rios Royal Swim

Interact with two dolphins while swimming in the depths. They might give you a back tug, leg push, or even both. Enjoy a kiss, and try dancing. You may get a splash or two as you enjoy an exhilarating close-up experience.

Meet & Greet Dolphin Ocho Rios!

The experience of swimming with Dolphins is more than a simple interaction with these magnificent sea creatures. You can also learn more about life, their habitat, and how you can improve their environment. Join us for our “Meet and Greet” program with Dolphins. This interaction is an introduction to these large marine mammals, where you will have the chance to receive a gentle kiss from them and play for a while!

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