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If you are thinking of visiting Swaziland and you are wondering what mode of transport is available this article will give you a quick overview that will put you at ease while allowing you to focus on packing those bags and heading down south for a time of your life in the kingdom of Swaziland.

It’s easy to maneuver in Swaziland, transport is readily available

Commuters in Swaziland use road transport i.e. mini buses (kombis), full sized buses and private vehicles. As a landlocked country, Swaziland does not have any sea based transport neither does it have any public air transport for in country traveling. Rail is mostly used for transporting goods and at the time of writing this article, none is yet available for commuters.

In case you were wondering about how to move from the airport to your destination, there are taxis operating to most destinations. The taxi services are provided all over the country for 24 hours a day. One can always get a taxi anytime anywhere by dialing the call a taxi number found in telephone directories and tourism magazines and guides. This can really help more especially in awkward hours. Unlike in most countries where taxis have a distinct color, in Swaziland taxes are spotted by a yellow sign on their roof top written “taxi”.

Public transport

According to a research conducted by Knotell and posted on http://www.infoshopswaziland.com, about 70% of the Swazi population uses public transport for daily commuting. Public transport ranges from kombis, mini buses (locally known as Sprinters) to full sized buses. You can never go wrong with either of them since their routes are indicated by writings on their front. The bus conductors usually spotted next to the kombis can be of great help in case you have trouble reading some siSwati words.

Car rentals

In a case when one decides to do it alone at own time and pace, there are several affordable car rentals in Swaziland, which allows for a quiet mood. They are even available in the airport. They offer a wide variety of cars to choose from. Just grab a tourist guide and tourism magazine for contacts.

Assistance from local police

If all means fail there is the safest mode. You can simply dial 999 and get help from the police, that is, if you are lost or stranded. They offer a standby service to provide safety.

We do advise seeking more information about Swaziland transportation especially on websites dedicated to providing quality Swazi content online.

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