Spending New Year’s Event


Spending New Year’s Eve in Mauritius can be an exciting idea since the island goes into a pretty vociferous mood when it comes to the year’s final festivities. Interestingly, the island celebrates an official holiday on the 1st as well as the 2nd of January and with 31st December a virtual holiday in any case, the three-day affair turns into one raucous and fun-filled party. Fireworks, dance, songs and music are a part and parcel of the celebrations with the golden beaches of the Mauritius island playing an upper hand. Mauritius nightlife has already earned itself quite a positive reputation. On the New Year’s Eve, it goes a notch higher and makes you dance and croon no matter how many left feet you got.

It can be quite exhilarating to spend a merry-making short holiday in this part of the world with your wife. So, a number of people who tie the knot towards the final quarter of the year often delay their honeymoon till the last week of December so that they can make love in Mauritius at a time when the year takes a bend and the clock changes attires. With Mauritius holiday packages getting more and more affordable, the subject of cost shouldn’t be an unmanageable affair.

During the New Year, the locals often go on a shopping spree and clean their homes, just the way Indians do during a Diwali. The mood is very upbeat and almost every person goes out on the last day of December to make the most of the final evening.

Champagne flows in copious amounts and the decibel level at pubs and discs often cross the level of decency. The fireworks that split the sky after midnight create a visual canvas which is likely to get etched in your memory for the rest of your life. The local flavor comes in the form of the ‘Sega’ dance which is indigenous to Mauritius and is organized on the night of 31st.

As for the weather, you can experience a friendly, warm and pleasurable evening with almost no chance of rain. Mauritius honeymoon packages during this time of the year can be hard to book if you do not make advance bookings. As the final week of the year approaches, the increasing level of excitement stokes demand and pushes prices. You better make a room booking as far as possible or else the most favorite ones may all get taken.

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