Preston Muller Offers Tips For Folks Just Picking Up Fishing as a Hobby

Fisherman catches 350-pound grouper from unusual spot

Looking to get into fishing? Check out these insights from expert fisherman Preston Muller.

Fishing is a wonderful hobby, great for spending time with friends and family, and excellent for finding time alone as well. While most people fish for fun these days, for many years, fishing was a survival skill. Even if you don’t need to catch fish to survive, you can still catch fish for dinner. Expert fisherman Preston Muller offers some expert insights for those new to the sport.

“I recommend a thoughtful approach,” Preston Muller suggests. “If you look at the people at the top of their field, whether it’s Tim Tebow or the researchers at MIT, they put a lot of thought and practice into their craft. With a bit of thought and practice, you can definitely become a better fisher.”

Before you even start fishing though, you should take a moment to study up on local laws and regulations. You might need to get a fishing license, for example. And you may need one license for the ocean, and another for freshwater spots.

It’s also smart to start at the best fishing spots. Quite simply, you’re more likely to catch fish in some areas than others. Don’t know where the good spots are? It’s wise to ask an expert.

“One of the most important things for a fisherman is finding a good place to fish,” Preston Muller says. “I take clients to the best fishing spots, and showing people to these spots is one of the best ways I can help.”

Of course, once you reach the fishing spot, fishing license in hand, you’ve got to know what to do next.

Preston Muller Offers Tips For Bait

Fishing often starts with bait. If you’re using small baitfish, hooking through the nose is a safe bet. You’ll typically want to keep the hook exposed so that it catches other fish. You can also hook baitfish through their dorsal fin, throat, and other methods.

Live bait can be trickier to use than lures. But often, live bait produces better results. Still, you can practice hooking synthetic worms and fish so that you can get a better feel. Remember, practice makes perfect.

As for equipment, most folks start with a simple reel and rod combo. Sold together, the reel and rod will either be set up or at least easy to set up. If you have questions, feel free to ask the staff at your local fish shop.

Preston Muller Offers Tips For Fishing on the Ocean

Many people start fishing on rivers, ponds, and lakes. That said, some of the best fishing can be had on the open ocean. Before fishing on the ocean, however, you want to make sure you’re prepared.

“Fishing on the ocean is a lot of fun but there are some additional things to pay attention to,” Preston Muller says. “You’ll want to make sure you have good communication and GPS equipment, as well as life vests. Local tide charts and an understanding of the currents are also recommended.”

Fishing can be a ton of fun, but it’s best to always be prepared.

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