Let’s Have a Time Travel to the Renaissance Period in the Michigan Renaissance Festival


The medieval renaissance period still fascinates a lot of people. That was a spectacular period with a lot of dimensions. It was the period when a great artistic and cultural movement took place, which impacted on the lifestyles of people. Besides, the way of living of the people, which include clothing, music and cuisines etc. also became the source of inspiration for the people.

There are still a lot of individuals who want to step back in time at least once in a year. The renaissance festivals, which are being organized nowadays, have made it possible now up to some extent. These festivals are organized in various cities, and you can choose the one according to your convenience. The Michigan Renaissance festival is one of the upcoming fairs, in which you can have fun. The dates of the fest have been announced, i.e., August 18 to September 30. A lot of events and entertainment activities have been arranged for providing a perfect glimpse or renaissance period to the visitors.

Renaissance Smoker and Queen’s Tea are some of the major events which will take place. The Renaissance Smoker is the activity for those who like to enjoy the fine cigars. On the other hand, Queen’s Tea will give you fun of royal high tea which various delicacies.

Moreover, a lot of music and stage performances will give you a different type of entertainment which you miss in your daily life. Some of the music attractions which you will find in the festival include Musica Royale, A Reasonable Facsimile, Owain Phyfe, Caleb The Piper, Harp, Zingara Music & Dance and many more. Besides, the stage performances will also give you a perfect medieval fun, such as Christophe The Insultor, Ric Roc Zoo, Washing Well Wenches and The Bocca Show etc.

The major allures of the festival are the weekend themes. The first weekend theme will be Royal Pet & Ale Fest on 18th and 19th August, which will be a pet-centered event. If you wish to play US Canadian Highland heavy games, then you need to go there on 25th and 26th August. The closure of the festival will take place with The Sweet Ending event which will be 13th annual chocolate festival. Other theme events, which will take place between 26th August and 29th September, will be, High Seas Adventure, Wonders of the World, Festival Friday, Shamrock & Shenanigans, and Harvest Huzzah.

Besides all the above said activities, a lot of craze for the renaissance outfits can also be witnessed among the people. A number of people like to come in these outfits, and it is for sure that the aforesaid trend will be continued this year also. Moreover, pirate clothing, which belonged to the sea robbers of the renaissance period, is also liked a lot by the people and is worn in the festival. So, be ready for fun with this amazing time-slip to the renaissance period.

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