Distinguishing Off-Road Camper Trailers and RVs


Recreational vehicles are a great way to spend holidays away from home without having to spring for a hotel room. And, when you consider that even resorts get boring, sometimes a jaunt in nature is exactly what everybody needs. RVs have always been great in terms of having an insulated shelter with you at all times; however there are several reasons that off-road camper trailers have quickly become the preferred method of vacationing. Often congruous in nature, these two, very different types of recreational travel provide unique opportunities and have distinct drawbacks. We’ll help you understand the differences, critique the benefits, and determine which unit meets your needs the most.

Differing Purposes
When we mention off road camper trailers, what do we mean? Of course, you won’t be driving your RV deep into the bush, so we must be speaking of something different. We are! There are specific camper trailers that allow for easy towing, giving the towing vehicle the ability to maintain its 4 x 4 nature, and still provide all of the shelter you’ll need when spending a weekend in nature. Outdoor enthusiasts find that camper trailers tend to provide a bit more of the connection they are looking for when venturing out into the wild. And, despite their propensity for extending into an incredibly large tented area, many still have some of the important RV features such as running water or gas connections. These will come in handy when you are looking to have an extended weekend and would like to wash utensils or cookware, and cook some romantic dinners out amongst the trees.

Towing Design
Towed RVs can create quite a drain when towing. You’ll not only need a larger tow vehicle, but your gas mileage will be miserable. Camper are much lighter, provide many of the same amenities, and give you a bit more freedom in regards to the vehicle you use to tote it. Much safer because of their weight, camper trailers also avoid the “sway” that many RV towers much deal with when the weather kicks up a bit on the open road.

Incredible Flexibility with Camper Trailers
One of the most attractive aspects of off road camper trailers versus that of towed RVs is the versatility that their owners enjoy. Because the towed unit is small, and much lighter, the 4×4 that is towing the trailer can get into certain nature locations that RV-towing simply cannot reach. Whether you are interested in heading deep into the mountains or would like to cross a few small streams en route to a phenomenal camping location, the use of camper trailers leaves you with more options and ensures that you will not have any area that is “off limits”.

Towed RVs can become quite expensive, and when you factor in the price of possibly requiring a new towing vehicle, things can really get out of hand. Camper are a great way to enjoy many of the benefits that RVs provide while maintaining your budgetary restrictions.

Recreational vehicles are quite nice, but because they can be cumbersome to tow, many are opting for off road camper trailers as a means of spending holidays out in the wilderness. Nothing can help you recharge your proverbial batteries quite like getting out of the city for a week and spending quality time with the family. With plenty of room and some nice amenities such as running water and propane storage, these units have everything necessary for a fully-supplied, comfortable camping trip for everyone. You’ll enjoy the flexibility, convenience, and of course price of your new camper trailer.

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