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Anne Rice’s Job interview with the Vampire was constantly in advance of its time—and stuck in the earlier. 

The to start with novel in her Vampire Chronicles, Interview, came out in 1976. Even the original film adaptation, produced in 1994, defeat out the Twilight/Legitimate Blood vampire boom by about a ten years. And even while that adaptation was very well-completed (there are lots of flaws, but it’s obtained one thing), it however predated the each-style-e book-sequence-gets-5-seasons Tv craze by way too lots of years for Rice’s function to genuinely get the serialized storytelling cure. And none of these variations at any time genuinely grappled with the actuality that one particular of the key protagonists is a slaveowner. 

Now, its most current adaptation is seeking to get it proper.

Thanks to AMC, Rice’s novel is obtaining a new therapy, with Sam Reid actively playing the vampire Lestat and Activity of Thrones’ Gray Worm, Jacob Anderson, starring as Lestat’s unwilling protege/plaything Louis. Dependent on the casting, and the trailer shown at Comic-Con this weekend, this new show aims to modernize the telling—and suitable some of the far more troubling features of its source materials.

Rather than beginning in 1791, the tale starts in 1910. Rather of staying a plantation proprietor, Louis, in accordance to the trailer, “managed and operated a diversified portfolio of enterprises.” Claudia, although barely 5 decades previous in the guide and played by a preteen Kirsten Dunst in the film, is now a teen (performed by Bailey Bass). The present, however, is even now set in New Orleans and nevertheless capabilities Lestat searching Louis to be his companion, while this edition does look to be a tiny extra overt about the queer romance in between the two—even if Louis stays as conflicted as ever about laying down with the devil.

“We tried using to keep as genuine to the spirit of the e book as achievable, but it’s quite a lot a modern day interpretation,” government producer Mark Johnson informed Amusement Weekly this weekend. “In a lot of ways, our show is more true to the book than the motion picture was, which is ironic due to the fact Anne Rice herself wrote the screenplay to the motion picture.”

Will they pull off modernizing a story although also creating stellar status Tv set? You are going to know the solution when Job interview with the Vampire hits AMC on Oct 10.

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