A Guide to Transportation to and From London Stansted Airport


London Stansted Airport is located just on the northeastern side of Central London. The location of the has made it one of the most important s in the city today as the majority of the business crowd that comes in and travels out of the city each day is through this. Frequent fliers are often seen boarding the planes in hurry and the now handles the majority of the business crowd in London today. This has not only reduced the traffic overflow in the other s of London but has greatly helped the commuters who now do not have to travel far from the city to catch their flight. The transportation to and from the city has made this a lot easier and more and more traffic is being generated by this everyday.

  • One of the greatest advantages of this airport is that it has its own railway station that is located directly beneath the terminal building. And the trains are well connected to Cambridge, Leicester and Midlands and they run every hour. The direct train to London- the Stansted Express runs every fifteen minutes from the Liverpool Street Station in the city to the airport. Harlow and Stratford are also connected during the working days, making access to the Stansted Airport a very easy task.
  • Apart from the train services, is also well connected to the other areas of the city through bus routes. The major bus stops are Victoria Coach Station, Liverpool Street Station and Golder’s Green. And the bus station is located just besides the terminal building. The coach service is also of great service to the commuters and EasyBus and Terravision are the leading providers of coach service to, connecting places like Oxford, Cambridge and Ipswitch.

Overall, it can be said that reaching the airport is a very easy task even if you do not have prior arrangements made and you are in a hurry. The connectivity of the airport to the other areas of London is its greatest assets.

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