Transportation Options to Miami International Airport From FLL


There are four transportation options to these areas from FLL: shared ride, luxury sedan, taxi cab, and by train.

A van will hold a maximum of ten passengers. They accept cash and are equipped with a credit card acceptance machine. Shared Vans offer shared van rides (per person) between $21 and $23 (at the time this article was written). Luxury Sedans rides cost between $70 and $73 for up to four people. Then there are taxi cabs too from Ft. Lauderdale. Charges for these are as per meter readings and estimated at around $67 approximately.

Where taxi cabs are concerned they accommodate maximum five people for the fare that is stated on the taxi’s meter.

Passengers should also keep in mind that some taxi cabs accept credit cards too. So passengers looking for paying the taxi cab with a credit card should make sure that they make this clear to the dispatcher taking care of allotting taxi cabs at the transportation podium. These guys will help you find a cab that is equipped with a credit card acceptance machine.

When you are at Ft. Lauderdale Airport, do check-in for the shared ride, Limos, and taxi cab at the Transportation Podiums. You can find these outside the baggage area in each terminal on the lower level by the curb.

People who have not arranged a pick up like booking cars and vans in advance that would transport them to their destination from airport will have to either take a train, shared ride or call for taxi cabs on arriving at the airport. For shared vehicles, they may have to wait for a while. During most hours most shared vehicles do manage to leave within 10 minutes. However Ft Lauderdale shuttles or car service and taxi cabs are generally available and leave for your preferred destination immediately.

Travel time to Miami from FLL is generally estimated around 45 minutes however during traffic hours it can take more than that depending on how heavy the traffic is.

Tri Rail offers direct service to MIA. But for passengers wanting to go to Port of Miami or South Beach will have to hire a taxi after getting down at MIA Tri rail station. Tri-Rail also provides free shuttle buses from the FLL terminals to the Tri Rail station just a few miles from the airport. These FLL shuttle bus stops are located on the lower level; at the west end of Terminal 1; between Terminals 2 and 3; between Terminals 3 and 4.

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