Three Male Costume Ideas For Halloween New York Events


The month of October brings everyone’s favorite holiday, Halloween and New York is full of events that are sure to get you scared and excited at the same time. One of the most important parts of Halloween occurs before the event and that is the designing of the costume. Much time and preparation goes into designing the most original but yet freaky costume. Not just a New York thing but the world over, males are normally more reluctant than females to get dressed up in any type of costume, regardless of the event. Women have always been more enthusiastic about getting dressed up and this applies to Halloween. Well, this year it’s time for the males to leave their inhibitions at the door and get creative with their costumes. To help males make an impact at this year’s Halloween events I’ve put together some pointers to help them with their costumes. 

The traditions of Halloween go back to ancient Celtic festival known as Samhain, which was known as the end of the harvest season in Ireland. The Irish would take stock of their supplies and slaughter livestock in preparation for the winter months. Overtime, Halloween symbols have evolved such as the carved pumpkin with a candle in it, to trick-or-treat, bonfires, ghost tours and more recently costume parties. Today cities like New York have major events marking the date. One event that attracts people to New York is the Village Halloween parade. Over twenty thousand people participate in the event with over a million people lining the streets, making it the biggest Halloween parade in the world.

The problem with males getting dressed up in costumes is that they feel stupid. To help males feel less stupid is to join forces and go as a couple costume, this will take the pressure of your man. The trick is to keep the costume manly, don’t pick a costume that is going to make him feel insecure every time you leave his side at an event. A classic Halloween costume for couples to wear is the Cowboy and Saloon girl outfit. Every male as a boy loved getting dressed up as cowboy and that feeling lives on in all of us, we jump at any opportunity to don the Cowboy shirt and hat. A Halloween costume that will turn heads at any New York events is the Zorro and a Senorita outfit. An outfit any male could throw together, all they need is a black shirt, black pants, black mask and a fencing sword.  Another fantastic outfit for couples is the Pirate and Treasure Chest costume, he dresses as a pirate while she wears a gold shirt, and attaches gold, silver and peal beads. Everyone looks forward to Halloween events and the women don’t have to have all the fun getting dressed-up, encourage your man to get creative and he’ll come out of his box and surprise everyone.

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