The Sexiest Hotel in World — Part 1


A real, new ‘Garden of Eden’?

The Adam & Eve Hotel — in the Belek region of Antalya, Turkey

This new hotel’s expansive press release claims…

“It’s Sexiest Hotel in the World!”

And it goes on to say that, “The Adam & Eve Hotel is the latest agent provocateur of pleasure in the Mediterranean — with soft white floors and floor-to-ceiling mirrors that reflect views of the surrounding pine forest and the turquoise waters of the Sea — which serve as a backdrop for whatever life guests want to lead…”

But, what’s the reality…?

What follows is not the company-line you’ll read if you visit the Adam and Eve Hotel website, but we think it’s a lot more interesting… It’s the first hand impression of human-interest columnist Onur Bastürk (Hürriyet Newspaper) — when he paid a visit to the Hotel (after its delayed opening) with his special Eve in early December.

Onur says…

There has been non-stop advertising for a year… the opening date was postponed… I’m talking about the Antalya ‘Adam and Eve Hotel’.

So what are the rumors, myths, and facts about this fabulous hotel?

Well, one of the rumors I had heard was that VIP customers upon arrival, besides their own room key, would be given another room key. That key would open a special door, right around midnight, to a surprise party, where all the carnal pleasures awaited.

Another rumor was that couples would find an extraordinary ‘sex box’ upon entering their rooms. When they’d open it they’d find every imaginable sex-toy they might need ‘for playing house’.

At this very moment, I’m seated in my large (64 square meter) standard-sized room at the Adam and Eve Hotel — together with my special ‘Eve’ right next to me. But on entry, neither a second key nor a ‘sex box’ did we receive.

In other words, those first two rumors are just hot air, probably (…unless you’re a very special guest).

But what are the facts? Let’s explore a few of the hotel’s features — to see if your eyes pop out (or not) about this sexy hotel legend…

In Part 2 — The ‘Top 6 Features’ of ‘The Sexiest Hotel in the World’…

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