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As the summer journey season comes to a close, Nielsen seemed at the utilization of travel-associated mobile apps and internet sites during June 2012. Findings confirmed that U.S. Android and iOS users used 95 p.c of their time accessing journey data from journey apps, vs . only 5 percent from the cellular Web. This discrepancy was mainly driven by Google Maps—the prime Travel category app and mobile web-site throughout June—which accounted for 78 % of all cellular time spent on Vacation.

Americans’ selection on whether or not to open up an app or their cell World-wide-web browser is dependent on the type of travel info they seek out. The Cruise Strains group was solely accessed by the cell Net, although 98 % of time put in searching map/navigation information was by way of an application. The Vacation Places/Theme Parks category appeared to have the most balanced usage amid smartphone entrepreneurs, as 54 per cent of time put in was via an application and 46 per cent by using mobile World-wide-web.

“The variation in time put in across the distinctive journey groups shows that there is significant area for application advancement and expansion,” explained Nichole Henderson, a senior exploration executive at Nielsen.

Nielsen_Travel Apps-Sites_June 2012

When looking at the best U.S. journey apps and sites, customers seemingly prefer apps for guidance and the cellular Website for excursion scheduling.  7 out of the top rated 10 Journey applications in the course of June 2012 featured a map/navigation function, whilst the best cellular sites mostly integrated airways and vacation aggregators, this sort of as TripAdvisor and  Apparently, through a summer when gas price ranges were being on the increase, GasBuddy, which lets buyers look for for community gas selling prices, ranked as the selection-two Journey application with practically 9 million customers. Along with Google Maps, MapQuest and Southwest Airways appeared on the two lists but had a lot more cell Internet end users than application users.

Major U.S. Vacation Applications, June 2012

Application Exclusive Viewers (000)
Google Maps 77,770
GasBuddy 8,934
Avenue Watch 4,489
Sprint Navigation 3,979
VZ Navigator 3,049
MapQuest 2,910
Google Earth 2,297
Urbanspoon 2,224
Waze 2,103
Southwest Airways 1,745
Read as: In the course of June 2012, 77.8 million U.S. smartphone homeowners utilised the Google Maps software from Android and Iphone handsets
Source: Nielsen

Top U.S. Vacation Cellular Net Web sites, June 2012

Cell Internet site Unique Audience (000)
Google Maps 17,427
TripAdvisor 4,156
MapQuest 3,753
Yahoo! Community 2,732
Southwest Airways 2,026 1,626
Expedia 1,572
Marriott 1,464
United Air Strains 1,444 1,355
Read as: For the duration of June 2012, 17.4 million U.S. smartphone entrepreneurs visited Google Maps from the cellular Net on Android and Iphone handsets
Source: Nielsen


A panel of 5000+ U.S. smartphone proprietors with metered mobile application and Web use on Android OS and iOS platforms only

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