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Just as the original Airstream campers, other campers are rich in history too. A Teardrop camper is a compact camper trailer with the minimum necessities for a long weekend of camping comfort. Originally designed by Louis Rogers of Pasadena, California in the late 1930’s, his honeymoon coach plans quickly caught on for its simplicity, convenience and ease of pulling it on the smallest of vehicles. The light weight and basic streamlined build has overall stayed the same, but there have been a few modifications of the basic original plan. Most all of these differences have been in the bettering of materials and overall quality.

This camper slept 2 on the inside with a raise-up deck lid on the outside rear of the camper for keeping the icebox, stove, food, kitchen supplies safe and dry. Outside the entry door a curtain enclosed dressing room was built on for dressing privately. By the 1940’s pressurized water tank and running water to a sink were added to the rear kitchenette. Inside, a small standing room area is added for dressing next to the double bed, along with a small closet for clothes and a second single separate entry door with a chemical toilet. The original teardrop campers biggest outside change early on, was the fiberglass that replaced the tin metal shell.

Today’s campers have many different models and styles to choose from. There are teardrop campers now specifically for off road use and the regular on road variations. Body widths, lengths and sizes will vary along with several variations of the inside sleeping and kitchenette area with steel chassis and a bumper bar. Many are manufactured with external sheeting in stucco aluminum. All campers are made with reinforced framework, sideboards and running gear. Along with the improved entry door, there are sliding windows with screens and a top opening air ventilation window above with durable screen. Along with the nice stereo and compact disc system on the inside, there are lights in the outside rear kitchenette area with a lock down cover for your stove unit.

Along with the normal amenities of storage both inside and outside, shelves, they have a water supply system and a sink, a eight gallon graywater tank, AC and DC power outlets inside & out and extra underneath floor storage below. There are also some of today’s campers that have a kitchen dining table, a couch/ bunk bed conversions included. Teardrop camper prices and models vary and can even be modified to fit your personal needs.

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