Jamaica Food Festivals


Enjoy a different side of Jamaica on your next trip as you explore some of the popular annual food festivals with sumptuous and spicy dishes.

If you are planning a trip to the island of Jamaica in the near future, we are recommending that you try something different on this trip. Naturally, you want to stay at the luxury hotels, visit the many attractions, rock to the reggae beat, but why don’t you try to explore some of the areas for the authentic Jamaican food. This island features some of the most fascinating and unique dishes which you will find in the Caribbean and quite a few of them are on display each year at various Jamaica food festivals.

There is a festival which is held in the parish of Portland called the Bussu Festival. This event usually featured some shell creatures which can be found in the rivers in this area and is mostly used in soup. In addition to the food on display, there is always musical entertainment with performances from local artistes.

Then, there is also the Portland Jerk Festival which is held each year in this parish as well. This event is very popular as it features predominantly the popular cooking style which is the jerk. Jerk is actually the method of seasoning meat with a blend of spices and herbs before grilling. The most important ingredients for this combination is the hot scotch bonnet peppers and pimento, when the meat is well marinated it would then be grilled above charcoal fire. You can expect a sizzling hot, spicy, tender and juicy flavor at the end, but be careful if you cannot eat spicy food.

When you visit this festival you will notice that any meat that can be jerked would be prepared, so whether you are lover of pork, chicken, fish, lobster, tofu or goat meat, you will get your heart desire along with your favorite accompaniment of breadfruit, festival or white bread. This food festival will also feature performances from some local artistes, dances, art and craft, a merry-go-roun, face painting and a lot of events for everyone.

Next, there is the Trelawny Yam festival in the month of April during the Easter holidays and features an array of dishes made from yam. This event usually provides music, dance, prizes, surprises and other cultural performances.

The Westmoreland Curry Festival is actually another of the leading events in when it comes to the Jamaica food festivals. Here, you will find many dishes cooked with this Asian spice and people travel from all over to sample some of these dishes as well. The proceeds from this festival are usually given to a charitable organization and it is held each year at the Manning’s Hill School in Savanna-la-mar.

Mandeville and the South Coast is not to be left out as there is an annual Fish Festival which is held at Little Ochi in Alligator Pond. If you are a fish lover, this is the place for you, as you can get fish and other seafood cooked in any style that you can think of. In addition to the meal, you will get good entertainment and easy access to enjoy the lovely beach area.

One thing is for sure, you will not be hungry on this trip to Jamaica, as there will be more than enough to eat and drink. While you checking out the different food festivals, this will give you a good chance to visit some of the areas other than the popular tourist spots and you will get to sample even more authentic Jamaica dishes.

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