How Press Play mixes romance, time travel, and surfing


Time journey romances are all the rage these days. From the Rachel McAdams film About Time to the strike anime Your Title to 2022’s streaming adaptation of The Time Traveler’s Wife (which experienced now been tailored into a movie starring…Rachel McAdams), this sci-fi subgenre of the modern rom-com has captivated audiences who no for a longer time drive smoldering vampires or lovelorn wizards.

Press Engage in is the newest addition to the growing style, a lo-fi entry that places much more emphasis on new music and psychological connections than it does on the logistics of traveling back again and forth in time. That is because of to the delicate route by initial-time helmer Greg Björkman and a committed lead functionality by Danish actress Clara Rugaard. In a discussion with Digital Tendencies, the two Björkman and Rugaard talk about the pleasures of filming in Hawaii and which songs would be on their time travel mixtape.

Digital Developments: Greg, what compelled you to write and direct a really like tale involving time travel and mixtapes?

Greg Björkman:  There’s a movie that you almost certainly have noticed known as About Time, and it is a truly well-accomplished, psychological story. And I feel of it that way due to the fact the thoughts are all there, but it is also a time vacation motion picture which I forget about about once in a while because the thoughts are so very good.

Laura and Harrison talk in Press Play.

One particular of the things that I imagined of when we have been creating this was it demands to be each emotionally sound and the time travel has to make feeling. The tale alone was influenced by a connection that I went as a result of at the time. When we go through relationships, they inevitably conclusion. And this specific just one I did not want it to finish. So, the motion picture turned about the obstacle of a person allowing go of a relationship that has to stop.

What was the most difficult factor you encountered even though filming?

Björkman: You have to forgive me because it was it’s been a minimal little bit since we were there. But guaranteed. The most hard factor was possibly our tight manufacturing routine. We required extra time to just be there in Hawaii.

Acquiring your crew and your solid jointly at the start off of the movie is possibly the most critical matter for a director. Also, buying the right people when you have a really superior script. If you have a truly very good crew and a genuinely audio story and forged, you commonly know exactly where you’re going to finish up.

I did not truly feel like there was anything that seriously went incorrect or was a challenge since I was carrying out what I needed to do for the earlier 10 decades. I’d dreamed about staying a director and listed here I was in Hawaii capturing a movie. It was remarkable.

Clara Rugaard (actress): I would probably say the science fiction element of it manufactured it very hard for me as an actress. It’s time journey, so there is really a bit of back again and forth. You have to keep observe of the timeline to get the emotions of the scene suitable.  And since my character goes back in time to the exact moment that the audience has witnessed prior to, the stakes are absolutely different than they ended up just before.

What was your favored scene to movie?

Rugaard: There are so a lot of superior moments. I imply, all the surfing scenes had been a ton of enjoyable.

Laura and Harrison surf in Press Play.

Clara, did you know how to surf beforehand?

Rugaard: No, I experienced under no circumstances surfed just before taking pictures Push Play. Lewis and I took lessons when we have been out there on the weekends. We were being a bit spoiled given that we experienced the most effective stuffing teacher educate us on these comfortable, warm rolling waves of Waikiki. It was just idyllic and so considerably enjoyment to shoot all those scenes.

Björkman: There’s one particular scene that James [the screenwriter] and I wrote extremely last minute. It is the scene involving Laura and Cooper in the document keep wherever Cooper talks about his spouse. It is these a basic scene, but the emotions driving that scene make it a quite powerful moment for Danny Glover’s character, Cooper.

The track which is in that scene is “Oh My Love” by Katyna Ranieri and Riz Ortolani. That music is the tune I performed for Danny on established right before we filmed that scene. And he listened to it 3 periods prior to we filmed. And so he definitely understood the emotional weight of that scene. I told him about the song’s vocalists had never ever met in advance of they recorded that music. And afterward, they have been married for like 60 many years, I consider. In our film, it is a extremely effective scene because it is a realization for Laura and it’s a warm trip down memory lane for Cooper.

Greg, what was it like working with not only Danny Glover, but also Clara and Lewis Pullman?

Björkman: Oh, gentleman, I just can’t envision any individual else in individuals roles. When I to start with achieved Clara, there was like a sparkle in her eye. She realized particularly who this character was meant to be. And I saw the exact point with Lewis. He was established to know as much as significantly data as I could supply him as to who Harrison was.

Danny Glover in Press Play.

When we forged Danny, the stage of his character was remaining a mentor and any individual who’s now been by way of a wonderful deal of everyday living.  I grew up viewing him in Procedure Dumbo Drop and Angels in the Outfield, so viewing him in that in that job was just a aspiration simply because I’ve acknowledged this actor all my daily life and now I’m really getting to meet him. And it was great due to the fact he’s specifically who you assume he is. He’s so heat.

Rugaard: I was just in awe of him the total time I filmed with him. And he’s such a sort and loving soul and had so numerous terrific stories, and it was just an absolute honor to be in his presence and check out him at work.

Which tracks would be on your time vacation mixtape?

Bjorkman: Oh, boy. You know, I would in all probability acquire “Oh My Love” from Danny’s scene. I gather vinyl information. I adore things from the ’60s and the ’50s, but I also have streaming services that propose me tunes on a reliable basis. So it is great to come across new matters that way. I’m really pleased with the mixtape we built for our movie, which has both equally old songs and new ones from bands like Japanese Breakfast.

Rugaard: Thank You” by Bonnie Raitt due to the fact I’m a very little bit obsessed with it. “Mrs. Robinson” by Simon & Garfunkel because it will make me so content. I also experienced a serious obsession for the duration of the time that we had been capturing Push Engage in with “Annie’s Song” by John Denver. It was essentially Greg [the director] who introduced me to it. We experienced it on repeat, and I considered it was so gorgeous.

Push Enjoy is presently in theaters and is obtainable on electronic platforms.

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