Honest Level 8 Luggage Review [2022 Edition]

A review of the durable suitcases and luggage by Level 8

Travel is part of our modern cultural DNA, we travel for employment, pleasure, and connection. Always in motion, always in transit.

Since the beginning of time, people have been migratory and they had to take some belongings with them to adapt easily.

Luckily, nowadays technology helps the experience of traveling so much and offers a large variety of choices when it comes to personal preferences and needs.

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That being said, if you’re looking for durable luggage brands to choose from Level8 Luggage should be on the top list, being well known for their products, one of the most durable suitcases on the market.

There are several suitcase brands on the market but what distinguishes LEVEL 8? Is there anything distinguishing it from the competition? Let’s dive into an honest Level 8 Luggage review.

Why Choose Level 8 for durable luggage

Personally, choosing a propper backpack or luggage is a real challenge.

First of all, I try to find products that have a lot of interior spacing, partitioning, and durability over time.

I don’t think this is something unusual, thinking that a part of our educational life depends on what is the best choice for a backpack and on the other hand while traveling you will need something to keep your belongings safe.

That being said, I discovered Level 8 luggage, a brand that promises to satisfy all the needs that you might have while you’re away from home.

Who’s behind Level 8?

LEVEL 8 is a luggage company based in New York City that strives to provide the most durable luggage while maintaining style and aesthetics. 

As a result, there is a wide range of luggage available to fulfill the majority of requests and interests. Their baggage is tested, and all areas of usage are considered.

This is a premium brand that has earned a spot on the list of top suitcase brands. It is indeed a little pricey but the price represents the assurance of a lifetime, so make sure you’re making the right choice.

Level 8 Luggage Review: Which Level 8 Luggage to choose?

1. Pro Carry-On With Laptop Pocket 20”

The Pro Carry-on with Laptop Pocket is a sleek and attractive carry-on bag that is ideal for individuals who need to travel with their laptops.

I loved that it has a laptop compartment, placed in the bag’s front, which is meant to provide quick access to your laptop and other accessories. hence it is one of my favorites in this Level 8 luggage review.

The front pocket is zipperless, easy to open, and well-padded, keeping your electronics safe.

Even better, it can accommodate a 15.6″ laptop, tablet, and an additional magazine or document.

As one of the finest carry-ons on this LEVEL8 luggage review, if you want well-made and trendy baggage that fits the requirements of most airlines, the textured Carry-On 20′′ can be the best hard luggage option for you.

What I found incredibly useful is that this carry-on has a USB charging connector for easy connection to your electrical gadgets and an inside pocket for your power bank. This way, you may always keep charged while on the run.

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2. Full Aluminum Carry-On Luggage 20”

The next product that caught my attention is the Full Aluminum luggage 20″.

It’s the most long-lasting suitcase and the best hard side luggage in the LEVEL8 luggage range.

The casing is made of an aircraft-grade aluminum-magnesium alloy, which makes it sturdy enough to survive any adventure life throws at you while also making you stand out from the crowd when traveling!

It contains rivet corners that prevent the outside from harm regardless of where these excursions take place, as well as anti-wear supports that keep your case from making direct contact with the ground.

The exterior’s durability and practicality are complemented by a modest yet efficient interior design. I think this is the best hard case luggage managing to satisfy the need for space, durability, technology, and comfort while traveling.

The 36-liter capacity heavy-duty suitcase includes two main compartments with completely lined walls that allow you to load your clothing, folders, and shoes for your trip.

This LEVEL8 luggage also comes with packing cubes and two retractable dividers to aid with the organizing which is essential for a passionate about travel.

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3. Road Runner Carry-on with Laptop Pocket 20”

The Road Runner Carry-on is another bag in this LEVEL8 baggage review, that has a front compartment to keep your laptop safe and accessible while going through airport security.

The external pocket is large enough to store a laptop, tablet, and official papers, allowing you to travel with your belongings without fear of theft!

Packaging for business trips is a breeze with a 38L capacity and sections for small items. With the help of this bag, you travel in comfort.

The tough casing keeps it durable and water-resistant, shielding whatever’s inside from dirt or spills while flying in potentially dangerous environments for electronics!

A detail that convinced me that this Level8 suitcase is truly amazing is how simple it is to navigate airports.

Its wheels swivel 360°, providing them significant flexibility in diverse areas without losing touch with surfaces while in motion.

Furthermore, the adjustable handle can be changed to your preferred height, guaranteeing a smooth and simple voyage with the greatest durable luggage.

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Adventure time? Lots of things to carry around at school, or simply you need a break from the daily basics? Well you’ll need some backup, right?

This Atlas Pro Backpack And Aluminum Luggage (20″) Set will carry all of your needs whether you’re traveling to work, school, or on an excursion!

The set comes with two pieces, an incredible backpack, and a cool suitcase perfect sized for any event. 

Starting with the backpack, for maximum protection, the laptop compartment is padded with 3D EVA foam and is appropriate for most 13- to 15-inch PCs.

It features three main compartments and 26 divisional pockets for all those small items you need on hand at all times, such as keys or headphones.

To keep you comfortable on your excursions, the backpack also has an ergonomic carrying system and heavily cushioned back straps with the most durable fabric.

It stands upright when I placed it down and features a baggage sleeve for when you wish to go hands-free by sliding over a LEVEL8 suitcase.

Choosing this amazing set offers you a full traveling experience and the guarantee that you chose one of the most durable luggage sets (luggage and backpack), depending on your needs this is a truly great long-term investment! 

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In a conclusion, Level 8 is a great luggage brand that has reached worldwide expansion because of the good quality and durability of its products.

It’s a great idea when looking for outdoor gifts from women to their loved ones as a pretext that it’s time for a vacation! If the answer is no, stick to the plan and propose one of many staycation ideas for couples, take your new luggage and have fun!

Overall Level8 is a fabulous brand when it comes to traveling the world with a durable suitcase. In case you enjoyed this article, I’m sure you’ll also enjoy my article about vegan backpacks.

For this article I have been gifted luggage items by Level8. All opinions are, as usual, my own.

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