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Developing any industry compels new paths of producing facts and performing aspects. We always find creation and influence on the emergence of rational digital processes to facilitate the systems and to optimize the resources to attain higher efficiency. Rather than any technology creation, we moreover find to distinguish us through our outstanding customer employment. Buyers are our main priority. We have Honesty, concern and compassion in the soul of our corporate civilization, and also we find to create trust through the path we reach to all the buyers. Our concern is to place a meaningful emphasis on creating a proper partnership with our consumers, and we are serious about treating all the customers with the ultimate respect. We are delighted to become a loyal brand, which is known for our possible economic explanations for all the individuals confronted with insufficient credit access.

Why will you Select Crawfort?

We are serious about being accountable for the legal lending, and then adapt our loan plans according to the necessities of our buyers.

  • Our Clients trust us

We are one of Singapore’s much trusted and authorized money lenders, and we also have given further than around 200,000 loans since the year of 2011.

Our genuine commitment to our customers has obtained us an area on a list of the (Singapore Prestige Brand Awards 2019).

  • It is very Easy and Effective 

Now we will discuss the whole loan system. From the loan application to the credit scoring, and the EKYC and the payment, we attempt to formulate your loan process as beneficial as possible. The repayment of the loan can be earned through the SAM/AXS devices; you do not need to appear to our department to make the fees.

  • We take care of the customer’s Security and Privacy

Your privacy is of our most crucial concern. We utilize the process of making the technology advance to encrypt our servers. We give proper assurance that all of your data is safe. Our updates to you are similarly modified to time and medium of your comfort. We appreciate your secrecy, and we will not disclose any loan information to our other customers or any third party. Our Responsibility is to give a safe and secure Lending of money to the customers. However, at Crawfort Singapore, we realize the problem that arrives with attaining and reimbursing a loan. That’s why we will never approve any mortgages that will be more than what a consumer wants.

Here is our plan to give ethical lending:

  • We provide the Security

The loan experts find and assess the data about the consumer’s conditions and their financial situation, and we do not disclose anything about our customers to anyone.

  • We always keep it Personal

It doesn’t matter if it is a loan of payday or a monthly mortgage; we approve the investments that go perfectly with our customer’s needs.

  • The thought of Decision-Making

We enable our consumers to pursue independent formal and economic guidance so that they can formulate better-informed judgments before having a loan.

  • The Loan Process is very Easy

Apply now for a loan in a few minutes; you do not need to worry. Without any long process of paperwork or any long waiting in lines, you can get a loan.

  • Submit your Application now

You need to Fill out our online loan form that takes almost 1 minute.

  • It comes with a Fast Approval

Our loan administrator will visit your place or call you and verify you’re all the loan details.

  • So, Get The Money now

 Come and collect your money in cheque or the cash you want in the place in our department.

  • Very Easy Personal Loan

When you have a personal loan, it isn’t as complicated as it appears. The proper Personal expenditures and all the credit card bills or it can also be your child’s tuition payments. We are no one here to question your justification for bringing out as this is a Personal loan. We have our Flexible and Simple steps that will make the loan application a steady procedure for you now.

  • Get a Fast Loan of payday now!

Do you want some more cash immediately this month when you face any sudden difficulty or accident? These accidents do occur once in a while, and also you can’t repay now, want some time to repay that amount from your next income? Do not worry; it is not just the application process of our Quick payday loan; we will ensure you that you can get your cash within around one hour.

  • The SME Business Loan

Local SME industries are always confronting a money flow problem. Some extra funds are essential for all the investments. Whenever it arrives at the growth or any increasing commodity inventory, they need to be prepared to keep up with the demands. So, don’t Look back and join us now.

When you make a loan application, what are the essential things you need to keep in mind?

When you are applying for a loan, or you are accepting it, you need to always look for other options. Several government agencies publish economic employment strategies from time to time. So, Get in touch with these agents now and see if there is any strategy that you are qualified for. Glance around and talk to various money lenders in Singapore before ratifying any request. 


You always need to check all the agreements to discern if they authorize the moneylender to complain about your significant mansion estate in case you are incapable of reimbursing the loan. If a moneylender stays a threat against your real estate property, you need to be mandatorily compelled to repay the lender in full amount before selling the property. The borrowers are bound by the agreement they sign and must accept by all the terms and conditions asserted in a loan contract that is agreed upon by the borrower and the money lender both.

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