Camping Chair Vs Beach Chair | Are Camping Chairs Good for the beach?


Camping chairs have an uncanny resemblance to beach chairs as far as design and functionality are concerned. They are both meant to deliver lounging comfort and can be challenging to tell apart when you decide to go shopping for either. 

But is it possible to use the two types of outdoor chairs interchangeably? Any outdoors lover would want to know this, especially if they don’t feel like having both chairs at home.  

In this post, we look at Camping chair Vs Beach Chair and try to determine whether or not you can take a camp chair to the beach or not. 

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The Quick Answer

Yes! You can use a camping chair at the beach and still have a good time. However, you should select a chair that incorporates a couple of features for it to work. For instance, look for a chair with wide feet, a canopy, and seats closer to the ground so that you’re comfortable on softer beach sand. Finally, make sure that it’s made out of a material that is resistant to the coastal elements. 

What is the Difference Between a Camping Chair and a Beach Chair? 

awesome of the sunset at the beach

At a glance, camping chairs look very much like beach chairs. They both employ the same design and share most features to provide a relaxing experience, however,  a beach chair has some features that you won’t find in a traditional camping chair. For instance, a traditional camp chair does not come with zero gravity support features. Also, it doesn’t need to offer the overall functionality that you get in a typical beach chair.

This includes broad legs, a canopy, a cooler bag, or side pockets where you can store small stuff like a phone. These are all must-have accessories on a great beach chair. However, the latest camping chairs designs try to incorporate some, if not all, of the above features in the design. So, it can be hard to distinguish them from beach chairs when not promoted as such. 

What Type of Camping Chair will Work at the beach? 

a camping chair by the beach

If you have to take a camping chair to the beach, there are specific types that you have to seek out for a more comfortable experience. These will offer features that you’ll typically find on a standard beach chair. So, be sure to consider the following aspects when searching for a camping chair to use at the beach:


A chair with a decent level of comfort may work during camping, but this won’t qualify at the beach. Remember that beach trips are all about chilling, taking in the fresh breeze as you enjoy the sunset or sunrise. It’s about being in your ultimate comfort zone. 

This is only possible when you have a highly comfortable chair. When searching for a camp chair, look for one that integrates the relevant comfort features. This will entail things like a canopy to protect you from the blazing sun, a cooler pocket for your cold beverage, as well as a cup holder so that you’re free to stretch your hands outwith no hassle. 


This may not be a priority, but if you like to be in that “holiday mood,” you may want to consider the chair’s design. Most camp chairs feature a relatively flat design, with black, brown, and gray colors being the most prominent. 

On the other hand, beach chairs are more experimental with colors and patterns. Most designs mix various colors and patterns to elevate your mood to match the general beach atmosphere. So, look for a camp chair with bright colors that scream “happy”!


While most camping chairs, such as the KingCamp, are designed with solid frames that do well on the hard forest ground, the same cannot be said when it comes to the softer and more uneven beach sand. You might find it hard to stay in one position while seated, and the legs can quickly sink in the smooth sand. 

Usually, beach chairs have legs with a broad base to prevent sinking. The same should apply to your camp chair.

You can also use different hacks to get around this obstacle. For instance, you can install some plates under the legs to increase the surface area. Alternatively, you can lay down a mat on the beach sand and set up your chair on it. 


Since you are trying to be as comfortable as possible at the beach, finding a camping chair with Zero-gravity capabilities is essential. These are essentially chairs that can recline to a lying position where gravity has no impact on you.It will help to make the experience more satisfying. 

Resistance to Elements

Lounging at the beach exposes the chair to a range of elements. From the salty seawater and the scorching sun to rainfall sometimes, you want to have a camp chair that will resist all these elements. As long as it’s not made out of wood, your camp chair is likely to survive the coastal conditions.

Seat Height

Finally, most camping chairs are designed to sit high above the ground. This is unlike the standard beach chair design, which allows your feet to touch and play with the smooth beach sand. Again, looking for a camping chair with a low seat so that you’re closer to the sand when you relax at the beach. 

Should You Choose a Beach Chair or Camping Chair?

four colorful camping and beach chairs on the beach

If you’re planning to spend some time at the beach, a beach chair would be a more suitable fit since it was naturally designed for use in the beach environment. However, a camping chair can also be just as functional as a beach chair, considering all features. Ultimately, the choice will boil down to your preferences. It’s hard to go wrong with either of two!

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been wondering whether your camping chair will work at the beach, I believe you now have an answer to your queries. As long as it has all the beach-friendly features, nothing is stopping you from having a leisurely time at the beach with a camping chair!

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