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Aurélie, would you please tell us what you do and how you got here?

As a General Manager, the first mission is to create the strongest team and run the hotel as best we can — guest satisfaction is the key, but employee fulfillment is also an important goal. My role is to organize the operations and inspire the team to allow them to give the best service to the guest. As we say in French, it’s the role of “Maitresse de Maison,” someone who welcomes guests into her house as if it was mine to make them feel at home as well.

In 2006, I obtained a master’s degree in hospitality management, and my last training period was at the Ritz Paris, where I had the chance to be hired directly. I stayed there for more than 10 years before it closed for renovations and when it reopened. From intern to F&B assistant at the Ritz Paris, I discovered the world of luxury hospitality and fell in love with Paris. After that, I joined Hotel de Crillon as F&B director for more than 3 years, and it was a fantastic experience with nice projects and an amazing team. I left to run a hotel in the South of France where I only stayed for one season, I missed Paris so much, and now I’m back since November to Maison Villeroy, a luxury hotel, a real hidden gem in the center of Paris.

Why do you love your job?

In hospitality, we are generally passionate about our job; this is why it’s exciting, and we are lucky to meet people from all over the world. To organize unique and memorable events, talk with guests from varied backgrounds– and share human experiences with our teams– they are part of our life, considering the time we spend with them!

And mainly because we are in exceptional environments, decorations, luxury, and beauty are everywhere, which is very inspiring. 

Where did you get your sense of hospitality?

I think that my love for restaurants and travel is the first argument. I like trying new places, new concepts, and trends! Also, I come from the South of France, where conviviality and family are the foundations and core values — My Mediterranean roots are essential to my personality. I need to talk with people, discover things, move, and reunite people! 

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