Amazon a to z claims: what seller should know 


How to Protect your Account against Amazon A-to-z Guarantee Claims? -  eStore Factory

An A-Z claim is a guarantee offered by Amazon to customers who choose to buy straight from a seller. The warranty ensures that the goods are delivered on time and in good condition. Under the following conditions, Amazon may issue a refund under Amazon Claims to the consumer without requiring the customer to contact you:

  • In case the package was refused and returned to you, according to track: 

The Amazon support will instantly repay the consumer and debit your account for the claim amount if a customer refuses an item on delivery. We obtain tracking information confirming that the box is being returned to you. It has no bearing on the health of your account or the rate of Order fault.

  • When the consumer claims with Amazon, tracking reveals that you have not shipped the package: 

The Amazon support will automatically refund the consumer and debit your account for the claim amount if you have not shipped the package when the customer claims with Amazon or has not verified the shipping on Seller Central. It affects the health of your account or the rate of order defects. 


If the tracking indicates that the item was not delivered to the customer, Amazon support will issue an instant refund. This has no bearing on the health of your account or the number of defective orders. If you disagree with the judgments made under the following conditions, you can appeal the decision the same way you can appeal any other A to Z Guarantee Claim decision.

It would be best if you looked at the product descriptions.

The A – Z guarantee claim will apply if the product is not stated accurately. Customers base their purchasing decisions on product descriptions. The descriptions must be as specific as possible, including information on the product’s circumstances and qualities. The consumer will not be entitled to this guarantee if the goods match the description. If you discover that the consumer was unhappy with their purchase, you can figure out the best method to respond to or resolve that dispute.

When can a consumer claim the A-to-Z Guarantee?

In two situations, customers can file a claim under the A-to-z Guarantee:


  • Consumer qualifying conditions for making a claim

The customer has not received the item. The customer waited until (a) estimated delivery date + three calendar days, or (b) delivery has been confirmed by valid tracking, and the customer has already contacted you via Buyer-Seller Messages, and you and the customer have not been able to resolve the issue within 48 hours of the customer’s first message by following the process under “Before an A-to-z Claim.” The item did not live up to the customer’s expectations.

  • Customers that are eligible to file a claim must meet the following criteria:

You did not allow the return request within 48 hours of the client raising the return request. We strongly advise you to keep things short and polite if you get into a disagreement, as your statements will be recorded for future reference. Track your packages to know exactly where your product is in the shipping process. If you do not want to use Amazon’s mailing labels, find a reputable firm like FedEx or UPS that offers outstanding service and reacts to shipments.

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